Bethany Church


Date: 7th March 2021

Title: Paul praying for others

Preacher: Steve Crago

Readings: Ephesisans 1v11-23 and 3v14-21

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Date: 14th March 2021

Title: Jesus Heals Ten Men with Leprosy

Preacher: Robert Wills

Readings: Luke 17v11-19

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Date: 15th March 2020

Title: Elisha and Naaman

Preacher: Bob White

Readings: 2 Kings 5

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Date: 21st March 2021

Title: The Coming of the Kingdom of God

Preacher: Roger Fruen

Readings: Luke 17:20-37

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Date: 28th March 2021 Palm Sunday

Title: The point of no return

Preacher: Phil Edwards

Readings: Matthew 20:29-34 and 21:1-17

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