Bethany Church

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Easter Video and the Easter Story

Date: 1st April 2018

Title: The Resurrection of Jesus

Preacher: Andy Peck

Readings: Matthew 27v57-28v10

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Date: 8th April 2018

Title: Hezekiah's prayer

Preacher: Paul Carter

Readings: 2 Chronicles 30:13-22

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Date: 15th April 2018

Title: Two Ways

Preacher: Phil Edwards

Readings: Matthew 7v13-29

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Date: 22nd April 2018

Title: Jesus the healer

Preacher: Peter Wells

Readings: Matthew 9:27-34

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Date: 29th April 2018

Title: Sheep without a Shepherd

Preacher: Steve Stubbings

Readings: Matthew 9:25-39

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