What is Christianity?

The Christian message is good news

Watch this three-minute video to find out what Christianity is all about

The good news is about God - the living, sovereign, holy creator - who has made us so that we can know and love Him.
The uncomfortable reality is that none of us live as if that were true. Our practical independence of God leaves us vulnerable to His future coming judgment. But here's the good news: God is still committed to us, He is committed to you. He sent His own Son, Jesus into the world. Fully God and man, Jesus lived a perfect life and died in our place so that our broken relationship with God might be restored. God raised Jesus from the dead, proving that He is Lord. Jesus now calls all of us to turn from rebellion, the Bible calls that rebellion sin, He calls us to trust in Him for forgiveness and follow Him as Lord. When you believe that Jesus is the Son of God and put your trust in Him, the Bible tells us you become a child of God. The Holy Spirit will live in you and will give you the power and the passion to live for Jesus. When Jesus returns to end history, as the Bible tells us He will, the earth and heavens will be made new and His people, the children of God, will be with Him forever.